Our esteemed shareholders,

Tekkan Plastik has been growing confidently in the plastic industry since the day it was founded. The development is making investments and plans to keep growing with its open vision. The changes in the climate, the rapid depletion of natural resources, reveal the fact that we must leave a more livable world to future generations.

In parallel with our policy of "protecting the environment we use, using all our resources in the most productive manner", we act with "sustainable development" focus in all our processes. Within the framework of sustainability policy, we take a holistic approach to business models and processes based on sustainable future strategy based on environmental, social and corporate governance.

We are working to reduce our environmental impacts the most. In this context, our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System studies have been successfully completed and our environmental documentation has been incorporated into the organization. Our energy resources have been and will continue to be used up to now in order to use our resources efficiently.

Our working population in our growing organization with our increased business volume has increased 2.5 times in 2 years. Our Tekken 2 plant, which began its investment in January 2015, has reached a conclusion, although we have had a difficult year as a country, and production started in March 2015. Our company, which makes it a habit to sign the first principles, has been awarded Arçelik Best Supporting Industry Prize in 2015 for the 2nd time and this year alone and it has been successful for 3 years and won 1 silver and 2 gold awards and it has been registered in front of our biggest customers . We were secular in the 2016 Special Award for Innovation and Innovative Project. We realize that this accomplishment is one of the most important elements of our well-equipped and loyal employees. We support our employees with training to enhance their development and ensure that they work more efficiently in processes. In 2015, the training time per employee of our employees is 92 min / month. The duration of external training is 177 hours. We attach importance to worker health and safety and we provide training for our employees. Both of our companies are taking precautions against the risks that may arise by doing field inspections of the Business Security specialist.

We believe that companies should encourage the "volunteer" principle for sustainable social development in order to support social development. In this context, we provide educational support scholarships to needy students every month.
Our goal in preparing this report is to transparently convey the processes we have been managing with sustainability principles and the steps we have taken in this field while our stakeholders reach our business goals.


Best regards.


Tekkan Plastik General Manager

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