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Thanks to Tekkan Plastik's experience from the past, qualified machine park and ever-increasing automation applications, Visual quality, aesthetics and functionality can be achieved with precise tolerances in the production and installation of plastic parts in the most complex forms expected. All machines in the production line are monitored online with production management system software and all production data are automatically collected. Innovative, constantly improved, fast, quality and customer focused production has been our constant goal.

  • Our objective is to have 0 defect in our products.
  • We are always one step ahead with our innovative team.
  • Production and assembly can be performed with precise tolerances.
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Technological Investment means Invest for Future

Tekkan Plastik closely follows the developments in technology and adapts accordingly to the field.

Tekkan Quality Manifest

In order to provide right price , best quality and on time delivered parts to our customer, we will efford as much as possible on supply chain ,production and quality.


"In parallel with our policy of "protecting the environment we use, using all our resources in the most productive manner", we act with "sustainable development" focus in all our processes.


The production of plastic parts, coating and screen printing applications are also provided by our suppliers under the guarantee of our company.


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The human resources policy implemented in TEKKAN aims to develop employees' personal and business competencies and to have strong motivation and strong commitment to the company.
Our company has different development tools and solutions to different educational and development needs that are aimed at increasing the performances of the individuals and realizing the potentials based on business strategies and institutional culture.
According to our performance evaluation results, our company provides data on annual rewarding, educational development needs and career development processes at the same time.
We provide our customers with 2 production locations, 300 employees, 45 plastic injection machines and 17 automation machines.