Tekkan Plastik Human Resources


One of the most basic resources of the companies comes from Human Resources. TEKKAN believes that the role of human resources is crucial in achieving sustainable growth targets with customer happiness and satisfaction.

The human resources policy implemented in TEKKAN aims to develop employees' personal and business competencies and to have strong motivation and strong commitment to the company. In recruitment of new human resources, professional recruitment policies are taken into consideration by taking into consideration the specialties.



“When the hopes are the same, the result is perfect.”

TEKKAN Recruitment Policies applied in Human Resources; Based on the formula "Happy Employee = Happy Service", it was created with the principle of correct human placement. The most desirable in-house position needs are internal resources to enrich our employees' work and skills and create different career opportunities. Of course, there are high potential external candidates to realize our desire to add new ideas, new excitement and different perspectives to our company.

The process we are dealing with, whether internal or external candidates; The role and responsibilities for each position, the expected success indicators, the qualifications sought and the expected competencies. The process is completed by evaluating the candidates' suitability to these criteria, their enthusiasm for work, and their enthusiasm for the organization. Tools and channels used in this process;

  • Competency Based Interview Techniques
  • Personality Inventories
  • Assessment Center Practices (case studies, role-playing, etc.)
  • Internet Sites or Consulting Firms
  • Candidate interviews conducted by human resources and function managers 2 and sometimes more
  • Jobs for required positions and tests that measure knowledge of foreign languages
  • It is our primary goal to earn the highest number of candidates with the same dimensions as their eligibility and with potential in each level



Our company has different development tools and solutions to different educational and development needs that are aimed at increasing the performances of the individuals and realizing the potentials based on business strategies and institutional culture. We have some development tools that we use in this process;

  • For professional development  
  • Towards competence development  
  • Towards the development of talent management 
  • Programs based on departmental needs (eg Sales Development Program)
  • Internal trainer training programs
  • Planning meetings, workshops, focus group work
  • E-Learning



The "Talent Management System" evaluates the performance and potential of our employees, and all the employees are supervised by the managers every year to determine high performance and high potential employees. The process continues with the identification of the development areas of these people and their inclusion into programs for development areas.  

Apart from the execution of these systems, as a main principle, our employees are aiming to carry out their career planning together with their managers. In this context, it undertakes the role of Human Resources support in terms of horizontal or vertical positioning within the organizational needs. 



In our company, Performance Management System is implemented which goes from the main strategies to the departments and individual targets. A 360 Degree Competency Assessment System is being implemented that measures how well the job is accomplished ("what") as well as what competencies are displayed ("how"). Performance Assessment results provide data on annual rewarding needs for educational development as well as for career development processes. The methods used are;

  • Company carnets
  • Evaluation of individual targets linked to the company
  • 360 Degree Competency Evaluation Process


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