Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Policy

As a company that closely follows the technology in consideration of the principles and requirements of quality, environment, occupational health and safety in all its processes, has a young and dynamic structure, focuses on its customers and suppliers and values its employees. Our management pledges to all stakeholders that it will demonstrate all the support and effort necessary for the full implementation of the policies listed below.


  • To provide our customers with the latest technology and the most appropriate prices at the first and every time in the standard and at the time, and to provide unconditional customer satisfaction with the quality and service understanding above the expectations of the customers,
  • We always comply with the requirements of the standards of the member institutions, all the legal conditions related to our business, customer requirements, quality, environment and OSH management system in order to ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of our quality, environment and OHS management system and to comply with the applicable occupational health and safety and environmental legislation,
  • To protect the environment we work with, to use all our resources in the most efficient way,
  • Efficiently managing our environmental dimensions, minimizing waste quantities and thus fulfilling all tasks with utmost care to prevent environmental pollution,
  • To spread the quality, environment and OHS awareness of all the personnel, to increase the knowledge and skills through trainings, to adopt the principle of team work and thus to contribute to continuous development activities,
  • Ensuring that hazards and environmental risks are pre-determined and eliminated for our employees and all related parties, by making timely and accurate risk analyzes and evaluating the environmental dimensions correctly.